With a love for funk and soul, some may say old before his time, Mr. Clyne (Ian) says he just loves a groove.  Ian has had a life-long affinity with music and education, first being drawn to the bass in high school which has since proved to be a good fit. With adolescence came the music of Rage Against the Machine and the Red Hot Chili Peppers – two huge influence on his playing style.  Over time, Ian has expanded his playing and listening styles and has had the privilege of being part of various acoustic, folk, jazz and rock bands.  

Nature and nurture have made Ian a product of his environment. In taking part at local music sessions and the experience of bands, writing, and performing, Ian was swayed to the dream - music as a career. Attending Reid Kerr College and later the University of the West of Scotland. Ian became heavily interested in the marketing, branding of music and its culture. It was at UWS where Ian would return to youth music, working as part of a team providing song writing and recording techniques with young musicians of East Kilbride, Before graduating as a BA Creative Industries Practice, Ian had a brief tangle with showbiz: working on BBC Radio Scotland’s game show – The Guessing Game. 

Through Project Scotland, Ian has become part of Heart and Sound team, an organisation that combines the music, the education and the youth work he loves. Currently providing Bass Lessons, Ian has created music scrap-books with young musicians through to being part of the team that built and ran a two-day music stage hosting local musicians for a festival in Dunfermline, Fife.